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History of our Company


We have been working for you for 25 years, supplying beef to the most distant locations in the world.

A family type of our Company contributes vastly to its stability. Our operations are not only aimed at rapid growth but also at company development, reputation building and brand value increase. As the company owners we focus on continuity; therefore, we continuously direct our strategy at the value increase and we effectively resist to the pressure of striving for short-term benefits.

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In the international beef trading universal partition of beef carcass is not used. For precise specification of basic meat sections, we make use of the model presented above.


What is an exceptional meat taste and how can we find it?

Our meat comes from the best cattle farming in Poland. The taste depends not only on the meat type but also on the appropriate processing method as well as ageing. The better beef, the shorter processing time in the kitchen. The factors which decide about its quality are: colour, tenderness, aroma and nutrition facts. These basic features distinguish our meat and guarantee the highest quality possible.


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